How My Psychosis Made Me A Fat Kid

Well if you’ve  been a subscriber for a while you might have noticed that I like to ‘brag’ about the fact that I’m a recovering psychotic. Well to be honest I do think it’s a fun conversation starter.

But what  do I mean by “psychotic”

I think that an example is in order. For you see as a child I had a wild imagination. I always thought that things had meaning, even when they didn’t. For example my drunken dad was not a ‘drunken dad’ he was a messenger that had a purpose of  teaching me a lesson.

And my mind told me that to learn this magical lesson that this messenger holds I have to do what he does. And so I did nothing but eat and watch TV all day.

And this is why I was morbidly obese as a kid.  This and because I  watched so many episodes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I really thought that the fact that they ate  a lot of pizza might be the secret to their coolness, and I wanted to be cool and so I ate a lot of pizza

I’ve encapsulated those and other fun thought patterns from my childhood in my book titled Psychocreep.

And in the future I’ll animate some other fun facts from my life. Because I like to talk about myself.



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