The red light district of the internet

Is there anything really forbidden on the internet?


Many people think that porn sites and gambling sites are the red-light district of the internet, but the truth is this just isn’t so.  Even sites for professional spammers such as are not really ‘forbidden’ or even taboo. Every 12 year old who unlocked his mature google filter can access them without any problems whatsoever.

And in fact even sites  that are pro-anything-that-isn’t-illegal are not ‘taboo’. Because they are legal somewhere and so they will always find a webhost that will not complain about them. And even quite extreme porn sites very often just pick normal webhost providers because quite honestly no one cares enough

But there are prats of the internet that are truly forbidden parts  that sell drugs, love, and even murder.  This part of the internet is called the deep web.

On the deep web you’ll find such things like:

  • Hackers advertising their services
  • Professional hitmen (Although this might be a fraud)
  • Drugs
  • Basically anything that’s illegal in every developed country.

The video above is not mine but I think it explains the topic very well.


Yes I admit it’s kind off sad that there really is a place on the internet where pedophiles and druggies roam, but the fact is that this isn’t really available to anyone who doesn’t know about it beforehand. As you have to first read a tutorial about it  or have a friend who shows you how to access it.

Additionally you would have to invest in bitcoins to actually buy anything from there, and the goods are expensive. I mean I didn’t want to buy anything on there, but even if I wanted to everything there is waaay beyond my price range.


But it’s still an interesting creepy fact, and this is why I share it with you guys.

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